Tag Heuer unveils Racer smartphone.

Tag Heuer’s latest phone may make a Racer out of you.
(Credit: Tag Heuer)

If you’ve always harbored GT racing ambitions, perhaps luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer’s upcoming smartphone may be your handset of choice.

The Racer is an Android-based smartphone inspired by GT and Formula 1 racing cars, and supposedly just as well-engineered. Tag Heuer even claims that the phone has an “unparalleled torsion” and “strength to weight ratio”, terms usually reserved for cars.

The shockproof rubber chassis is accented by lightweight carbon fiber and titanium screws, which supposedly help to strengthen the body.

The Swiss company did not release more information about the phone’s specifications, except that it has a “customizable 3D user interface” and “high speed processor”. One thing is for sure, when people pay that much for a phone, they won’t be too bothered about its specs–or lack thereof.

Starting at 2,800 Euros (US$3,700), the Racer will head to Tag Heuer shops and selected luxury mobile, watch and jewelry retailers in July. Hey, at least it’s cheaper than the company’s last Android smartphone, the Tag Heuer Link.

Watch this video for a bunch of impressive graphics that don’t say much about the smartphone’s capability.


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