: An Online Community Of Classifications.

1-    Introduction about the guys behind

We are two guys with technical backgrounds from Saudi Arabia (Mohammad) & Kuwait (Tariq) who initially worked together at a telecom company and decided to be partners for the mazban project. We have a passion in our work and like to come up with new ideas. We are not only computer geeks, we like doing other things as well. Mo is into traveling and scuba diving, I like to box and spend time with my family. We are very down to earth and like to hang out with others.


2-     what is exactly and what does mazban stand for ?

Mazban is an online community site for trade and events. The word mazban is an old Arabic word which means “safe haven” it was a common word then, but lost its use as years went by. You may find people still use the term especially by the elders.

3-     how can help clients/customer with their daily needs?

If you wish to announce something such as an event/gather to the public or wish to sell/find an item, then mazban should be your place.  Mazban provides a simple interface with easy steps to make it all happen.

4-     what is so special about And how is mazban any different from other competitors ?

First of all, mazban was created from scratch; we have not used any out of the box solutions that we built on top of. We provide sophisticated user profiling and provide useful features such as following other users. You actually don’t need to be registered to us mazban and you will still be able to have full control over your post, such as editing or removing the post. Thus, we don’t simply have one way of doing things. We try to keep things simple for an average user and provide deep customization for more advance users.


Technically speaking, mazban is hosted on the cloud, meaning nothing is physical. We follow an agile architecture which allows us to add features on the fly and provide patching without waiting for major releases. We follow the best practices in design & code, and have multiple environments for development/testing/production. We can easily expand our infrastructure based on traffic or other means with no sweat.

5-     Will there be an IOS/android app in the future?

Yes, we are in the initial phase of developing an iOS app. We think it would be beneficial and convenient for our users to be able to interact with mazban via their smart phones, allowing them to post any ads or events on the go with a simplified yet rich interface. We don’t believe the user should be tied down to a pc.

6-     How effective is in finishing a transaction?

Mazban provides the user to have control over a transaction. Mazban provides the tools for the users. Mazban of course has control over its content but we like to give the user some power as well. We provide moderation groups which users could obtain. This will allow our users to be directly involved and really feel he/she is part of the community.


7-     What is the future plans for

We just started! We have many plans and phases for mazban. As mentioned before we want mazban to be seen as s community site, not just any online classifieds. We will introduce new services and new ways to help the community and serve their needs,

8-     When is the official release for GCC countries.

Actually we are able to easily roll out for other countries; it’s just a matter of a setup in our case. However, we decided to concentrate on the smaller countries first (population and size) Kuwait, Bahrain & Qatar. Once we feel comfortable, we will open to other GCC countries.  

9-     Any last words or comments you want your customers to know about

We just want to let our users know, that we are always open for suggestions and love to hear their feedback, good or bad, we accept all. We wish you to be part of mazban and be part of our journey.

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