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10 free tweaks worth jailbreaking for

Disclaimer: Jailbreaking isn’t illegal. However, doing it wrongly may cause you to lose your data which will require performing additional steps to fix your iOS device. So before proceeding, be sure to back up your information. Also note that Apple will not honor the warranty for a device that is jailbroken, so users will need to perform a restore beforehand.

That said, we  do not condone jailbreaking your iOS device for illegal purposes such as the pirating of apps. Jailbreaking is a way to free up your device for the purpose of customizing your user experience and/or use legitimate apps that enhance your device. Also note that some of tweaks may not be stable, so you should uninstall them if you find your experience less than satisfactory.

With the release of the Absinthe jailbreak for A5-based devices running iOS 5.1.1 (iPhone 4S and iPad 2), many of you may be considering performing a jailbreak.Or you could be having second thoughts about doing so. Here are ten free tweaks you won’t find in the official App Store that may change your mind and get you to perform that not-so-risky jailbreak after all.


A jailbroken iPhone 4S using the Buuf Infinity theme.

Apple restricts users from modifying the user interface, so as to maintain a uniform consistent UI design for all of its products. WinterBoard, however, bypasses this limitation by letting you reskin your UI with a different theme, down to new icons. While WinterBoard is free, some themes require you to lay down some cash, though there are plenty of free ones you can try.


If you find yourself always going into the Settings app to turn your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other connectivity features, SBSettings makes this a painless affair with just one swipe. The tweak also comes with Notifications Center integration, which means the switches are located right where you need them. As an added bonus SBSettings also lets you hide “undeletable” stock Apple apps that you don’t use (like iTunes or Stocks).


A simple app that “remembers” your App Store password and automatically enters it for you. The stored password is also encrypted, so there’s no chance of someone accidentally stealing it. If you’re tired of entering the password every time you download an app, this is the solution.


The Apple App Store tends to close itself whenever you download an app–which can be irritating for some folks (like us). This tweak keeps it open, while still letting you download an update or a new app in the background.


Think the unremovable Newsstand app/folder is the most irritating thing ever? Frustrated that you can’t really chuck it into a folder unless you go through a workaround? Don’t sweat it. Here’s relief in the form of a tweak that hides it completely. Install this tweak, and Newsstand vanishes, never to plague your screen ever again.


A simple tweak that changes the static weather icon on your iOS device to one that shows you the exact weather and temperature around you.


There are plenty of flashlight apps in the official App Store, but none of them can be activated without actually going into the app. SpringFlash solves this by working with Activator, a separate tweak that lets you set how you want to turn on the lights. On our part, we decided that shaking our iPhones while in the lock screen should turn on the LED lights.

UserAgent Faker

A more niche tweak but quite useful, this app lets you change your Safari browser ID to a different one (like perhaps the desktop version of Chrome). If a particular Web site just doesn’t let you break free of its mobile theme, this may be the answer you’re looking for.

Five Icon Dock

If you want to fit more than the usual four icons in the dock, this is the easiest way to go about it. When installed, it allows you to have an additional icon in the dock for a total of five. Bear in mind though that it looks a tad ugly (in our opinion), but the usefulness of having an extra frequently accessed app cannot be denied.


Billed as the first native iPhone app to let you download YouTube videos, this does exactly as advertised. You can further select from three different quality settings. Files are stored within that same app, and you can delete the videos after you are done watching them. There’s also a resume function for when your phone accidentally locks itself and your download gets paused.


iPhone 5 rumor collection.

This is definitely not how the iPhone 5 will look like.
(Credit: Shawn Low/CNET Asia)

Phone 5 will launch in October

Instead of announcing the new iPhone in June (as it did for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4), Apple chose to announce the iPhone 4S in October. If you’re hoping that Apple may switch back to June, don’t hold your breath. A report is saying that the iPhone 5 will be delayed due to supply issues–Qualcomm can’t make enough LTE chips for the new handset.

iPhone 5 will have a new form factor and chip

This rumor will just not die–but it seems there are good reasons for this, especially given last year’s rumors. Manufacturers had cranked out cases based on a new design, and it looks like it was money wasted as Apple chose to go with the refreshed iPhone 4S design.

However, it could be that this time around, the cases will be brought out of musty storage from the warehouses, as rumors are still indicating a 4-inch display with a unibody design. There’s also talk that it will pack the A5X chip–which makes sense, as Apple has been using the iPad to introduce new processors for its iPhone line.

Backing will be made of liquid…Liquidmetal, that is

Early rumors that were swirling around were the first to toss around the idea of a metal back. Recently, the metal back rumor has gained some steam, thanks to Korean news site ETnews. Apparently, the material used may very well be Liquidmetal–a kind of metallic glass.
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iPhone to receive a 4.6-inch Retina screen?

iphone 5
The 940 x 640 Retina Display on the iPhone 4S integrates 326 pixels per square inch.
(Credit: Apple)

Apple is said to have yet another product in the pipeline with a Retina Display, and this time it’s an iPhone with a really big screen, according to a report from Reuters.

Apple is purportedly already placing orders with suppliers for a 4.6-inch iPhone Retina Display, Reuters said today, citing a report in South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper. The phone is due in the second quarter, according to the report.

If accurate, that would be Apple’s third device with a Retina Display. The others include the just-released 9.7-inch iPad and the 3.5-inch iPhone 4S.

The 960 x 640-pixel Retina Display on the iPhone packs in 326 pixels per inch while the new iPad’s 2,048 x 1,536-pixel screen squeezes in 264 pixels per inch.

A relatively massive–for a smartphone, that is–4.6-inch glass screen would be a big step for Apple from the 3.5-inch iPhone. A larger phone may also allow Apple to include updated chips such as the A5X. That chip’s marquee feature is quad-core graphics.

By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD has a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED screen.

Apple enthusiast site MacRumors says the likelihood of the rumor being true is low.

“There have been persistent rumors that the next generation iPhone would carry a larger 4-inch screen. And we are convinced that Apple had exactly such designs in late prototype stages in China,” said MacRumors.

Indeed, there were reports before the launch of the iPhone 4S that Apple was working on an iPhone with a bigger screen. But those reports predicted a phone measuring 4.2 to 4.3 inches, not a full 4.6 inches.

Via CNET News