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Awesome 3D Street Art.

3D Street Paintings by Tracy Lee Stum.

A professional street painter or madonnara, Tracy Lee Stum is a fine artist committed to creating spectacular modern masterpieces that transform, captivate and inspire. She is best known for her 3D street paintings, also called anamorphic or pavement chalk art.

3D Anamorphic Street Paintings are illusionary 2-dimensional images that appear to become 3-dimensional when viewed from a fixed point through a camera lens.

Tracy has been creating these types of chalk art images since she first started street painting and continues to challenge herself through this manner of visual expression.

She has traveled the world to be a featured artist in many festivals and events, and she currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest street painting by an individual, which she completed in 2006.


Guinness World Record holding street painter Tracy Lee Stum; fantastic original 3D anamorphic and interactive chalk art; street paintings from around the world.

Her Website: TracyLeeStum.com

3D Pictures Art In Parks Of Moscow

All of these obstacles – just an illusion. To demonstrate this, and Nike has invited the masters of the genre 3D paintings on pavement – German artists Marion Ruthardt and Gregor Vosika in a Moscow park.

The five parks, one of those that have a running club Nike “I run”, the artist depicted the bottomless pit, through which we can pass on a log, a waterfall, over which hung a rope bridge that rift in the earth, which can be overcome, jumping on the islands , drifting ice floe, and blocking the way, the closed gate.