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BlackBerry mess may spur iPhone 4S sales.

Research in Motion, struggling to recover from one of its worst BlackBerry service disruptions, may see more defections as the snag gives users another reason to turn to Apple’s new iPhone, which hit stores this weekend.


The disruptions will trigger some BlackBerry customers to switch to Apple, particularly as the Cupertino, California-based company begins cutting the price of older iPhone models, said Matt Thornton, an analyst at Avian Securities.


“The timing is absolutely awful,” he said. “RIM is doing some of Apple’s work for them.”


The data failures come at an inopportune time for Canada-based RIM. It is fending off investor demands for fresh management while trying to move the entire BlackBerry lineup onto a new operating system to stem market-share losses to Apple and devices that use Google’s Android software. RIM also said it will study compensation for the disruption after some wireless carriers offered refunds to BlackBerry users.
Source : Arabianbusiness.com