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Sand Crop Circles by Andres Amador.

Andres Amador works with one of the biggest canvases available, with entire lengths of beaches swallowed up by his art. Sadly the sea is no discerning art critic, for once the San Francisco artist finishes his staggering artwork, the waves come in to wipe the slate clean.

Many of his stunning images, which start out as simple squiggles in the 39-year-old’s notebook, span an incredible 500x300feet and are raked into the grains in a race against the tide.

Using a canvas crafted by the elements the patient American waits for a full or new moon to make sure low tides offer him plenty of space to muster the incredible patterns.

Sand Sculptures by Sudarsan Pattnaik.

As an impoverished child, Sudarsan Pattnaik would go to his local beach and build sand castles. Little did the youngster from Orrisa, India, realise his hobby would make him famous and wealthy. These pictures show some of the sand sculptures carved by Pattnaik.

Mr. Sudarshan Patnaik was born in the coastal town of Puri, Orissa. Being inspired by the voice of his inner soul he started visiting the sea beach at Puri every day right from his childhood. Slowly he started carving out different faces of gods and goddesses in sand with his imagination and creativity. Initially the forms were not mature as he had no Guru because sand art is not considered as a professional form of art in India. Despite these limitations he pursued in his endeavor as he considered the creativity in him is God gifted ability. He took up the challenge to popularize sand art as a professional art form and started exhibiting sand art at various places in India.

Mr. Sudarshan Patnaik’s ultimate objective is to create awareness and enthusiasm among the people and make it popular professional art form among the people for which he is traveling various places in the country and demonstrating this art form by holding work shops and training. Time and again he has tried to replicate various international events through Sand art. recently he made a 4 feet gigh sculpture of Pop King Michael Jackson at Puri.

Man Builds World’s Tallest Sandcastle.

Ed Jarrett, Guinness World Record holder for the tallest sandcastle, has beaten his own record for the second time.

His latest incredible construction was built at Winding Trails Recreation Area in Farmington, Connecticut, USA and measured 37 ft 10 in – a full 6 ft taller than his previous record. The medieval castle’s design features a two-headed, fire-breathing dragon and Rapunzel.

Over 1.6 million pounds of sand and water were used to create the structure, while more than 1,000 volunteers were on hand to help Ed, collectively contributing over 2,000 work hours.

Ed began work on the castle on April 1, with the completed structure finished in time for official measurements a whole seven weeks later on May 20.