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NASA announces water discovery in Kuwait’s desert.

NASA scientist Essam Al-Haji announced the success of the first phase of the scientific experiment of discovering water in Kuwait’s desert. The experiment was conducted by a research team from NASA using advanced radar technology waves, same as that used in discovering water in Mars.

This experiment is the first in using the radar waves technology, which is an airborne radar used for drawing maps for underground water, local medias reported.

The team worked in northern Kuwait to locate the areas where underground water can be found using a miniature satellite model that emits radar waves as well as using a specific kind technology that can detect water in vast areas. He added that the research team has been using a helicopter for the past two weeks to carry the radar device while flying low (300 meters) over two areas that have underground water.

Pictures of water were taken in depths that vary from 20-65 meters. The researchers managed to prove that the radar was able to determine the locations of underground water, its depths, and the areas that the water flows from. In addition, the team has also prepared clear images of the surface that show changes in depths of underground water in the two areas that are being studied. The results of the radar search were reinforced by ground measurements taken by Kuwait Scientific Research Institution.

Via : IIK