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How To Shrink Digital Photos – Fast, Easy, Free

Do you plan to resize your digital photo for your article, blog, or website? Well, don’t worry. The whole process is no longer tedious. You are not even required to access a paint or a drawing software. All you have to do is go on-line and visit a website. The website has revolutionized everything. It has made shrinking your digital photo faster and simpler.  And on top of that, the service is free of charge! Isn’t that a great news? Everything is just a click away. Read on:

    • Prepare your digital photo. Where is it? Do you still need to download it? Is it in your USB? Or, is it in a CD? Transfer or save it directly into your computer. Remember its file name and its folder.  Check out its format, too. It should be a PNG, a GIF, or a JPG file. By the way, once your digital photo has been resized, you have to save it as a JPG file.
    • Go on-line. Access Shrink Pictures. On the actual web page, check out the tutorial link. It is located on the right. It is helpful if you still have to brush up on pixels, DPI, and PPI. It is also valuable if you intend to learn about the suitable digital photo sizes for email, blog, website, or Facebook page. If you are already familiar with the basic technical details, you can skip the tutorial link.
  • Proceed by browsing the lower half of the home page.  Look for the box that has the “shrink photo”. Click it so you can access the instructions. Expect to be asked to locate your file from your computer. Once you have done that, the name of your file is going to appear in the box.
  • Resize your digital photo. Select the appropriate size for your digital photo. You can decide by determining the ideal number of pixels. You can also finalize this by estimating the percentage versus the size of the original. If you have referred to the tutorial link, the suggested pixel size for email usage is 350. On the other hand, it is 600 for on-line articles and blogs. If those sizes don’t correspond to your preference (or requirement), you can choose to customize the adjustments.  Simply click the custom option to get the sizes that you desire.
  • Modify your digital photo.  After you have resized your digital photo, you still have the chance to enhance its overall appearance. Access the next box. You can change the tone of your digital photo into sepia or gray scale. Simply click the corresponding button to implement your preferred effect. Proceed by selecting the suitable resolution for your digital photo. You have three options: high (best), medium (better), and low (good). You have to note that higher resolution means larger file size. So, if you plan to send your digital photo as an email attachment, choosing a low resolution is practical. You can easily send the file without any inconvenience.

After you have completed all the necessary tasks, prepare to save your “adjusted” digital photo. You should give it another file name and move it the appropriate folder for easy retrieval.

How To Use your TV as a Second Monitor for your Computer?

If you use your computer for video and photo editing more than anything else, using your television as a second monitor enables you to see your photos and videos on a larger screen. In using your TV as a second monitor, it should have a high resolution or else the image or video will appear pixilated or have a poor quality. Most conventional TVs (those that are nothigh definition), give poor results when used as a secondary monitor for your computer. The only problem is that the quality of the image is not as good as that of a computer’s. You have to have a TV set that has a very high resolution to even compete with the quality that comes out of your desktop or laptop. Connecting your TV to the computer is fairly easy. Let’s say that you have a new LCD High Definition TV and you want to see if the display on the TV is as clear as the one on the computer monitor. Read on to learn more about using your TV set as a second monitor for your computer.

  • Lower the resolution of your computer. If your television supports high resolution, you must match it with your computer. For example, if your High Definition television can support up to 1024×768, set your computer’ resolution to that as well.
  • Check the computer and television for like connectors. Mot computers are equipped with S-video output. Look at the back your TV if there is also an S-video connector. If it does, you can simply use it to make the graphics on your computer monitor appear on the television. Now, mot High Definition televisions have a digital input or DVI, which you can use on your computer as well.
  • Connect the cables. Once you have checked the connectors and input/output, you can already use the television as a second monitor. Make sure that the cables are connected securely so that the signal will not get choppy or display a grainy image. Loose connections tend to produce poor quality of output. Tighten the cable properly to avoid this.
  • Play videos. You can now play videos on your computer that you can watch on your High Definition TV. Use the DVD ROM on your computer to play DVDs. Video playbacks have better quality when watched on a television as videos on DVDs are really designed for use on televisions. Surfing the Internet and using the television as a secondary monitor is not a good idea. Surfing the Internet tends to load slower when television is used because the resolution is typically lower than that of a computer.

If you have a regular, non-flat television that you want to hook up as a second monitor for your computer, you may be disappointed with the result. The TV will not show the exact image and resolution that your computer monitor does. The cables must be compatible with both your television and computer. Take precautions when connecting cable o you do not get electrocuted.

How To Sync an iPhone with a Desktop Calendar on a PC?

The iPhone has a host of features useful for personal and business applications. Thissmartphone from Apple comes with a calendar application. Keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and other special as well as important occasions is easy with your iPhone. Furthermore, you can synchronize the contents of your iPhone calendar with your PC desktop calendar. This ensures that you won’t miss anything in your schedule. Whatever information is on your iPhone calendar will appear on your PC Desktop Calendar once the two have been synchronized.

Below are the steps to follow in synchronizing your iPhone with a desktop calendar on a PC. In the steps below, you will be synchronizing your iPhone calendar to Microsoft Outlook 2007. This will be done via the iTunes software of Apple.

  • Install iTunes on your PC. iTunes is available for Windows users for free so it won’t be a problem getting a copy. If you don’t have iTunes yet on your PC, download it from – iTunes download. You will find the hardware and software requirements on the download page. Make sure your PC complies with these hardware and software requirements. When you click on the Download Now button, follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.
  • Attach your iPhone to your PC. Get the necessary data cable for linking your PC and iPhone. Attach one end to the iPhone and the other end to an open USB port on your PC. Once attached via cable, make sure that your iPhone is turned on. iTunes should automatically open. If not, click on the iTunes icon on the desktop or open the software via the Start Menu.
  • Select your device. Turn your attention to the left side of the iTunes screen. Locate the list of devices. It is possible that more than one device connected to your computer at one time. From this list, choose your iPhone.
  • Sync your iPhone with Microsoft Outlook. On the iTunes main window, look for the Info tab. Once you locate this tab, click on it then find the Sync calendars option. Locate Outlook and click on this option.
  • Choose which calendars to sync. You will find two options – either to synchronize all the calendars or to specify certain calendars only. Click on All calendars to make sure all available calendars are synchronized. Or, click of Selected calendars then choose only the calendars you want synchronized. You can press the CTRL key together with the calendar names when synchronizing more than one calendar. Once you are done choosing, click Apply.
  • You are not limited to using Microsoft Outlook. There are other calendars on the PC that you can sync with your iPhone calendar. For instance, if you use Google Calendar, you can also synchronize this with iPhone.
  • For Yahoo! users, iPhone also syncs with Yahoo! Calendar as long as you are using the iPhone software (version 3.0 and above).  The calendar will be synchronized to Yahoo! Calendar 2.0 (Beta).

Technology has continued to evolve allowing synchronization of data, including calendar contents, between different software and hardware. As an Apple iPhone user, you are not limited to synchronizing your calendar to a MAC only. You can easily synchronize different PC based calendars with your iPhone calendar. If you want to make sure that you will never miss an important event, appointment, or special occasion in your life, sync your iPhone calendar to your PC regularly.

How To See 3D Buildings in Google Earth.

A new innovation from Google Earthapplication allows you to explore big cities in a more realistic setting. This is a very useful application that is free for anyone who can download it. The 3D experience will definitely change the way you see your favorite cities. It shows more accuracy that will make reference on areas easier and more convenient.

Follow these steps to experience the full use of this application and see buildings in 3D.

  • Secure your Internet connection and download this application. Google search engine will direct you to it. However, this is the link where it can directly be After you have downloaded it, prepare for its installation. Launch the application afterwards.
  • Take note that only big cities are under this advantage. This is because only the big cities around the world are the only ones who have more buildings.
  • Locate the layers menu in Google Earth. Find it in the lower left side portion of the screen. There shouldn’t be any trouble for you locating it. Click on that menu. There is an entry that says “3D buildings” select it along with options like ‘Photorealistic’ and ‘Gray’. If your screen has a lot of clutter and appears to be confusing, uncheck other layers. As a shortcut, press ‘Ctrl + Alt + B’ (or  + Option + B’ on the Mac) for the sidebar to automatically appears.
  • Depending on your Internet speed, the buildings may appear one by one in matter of time. They have to be downloaded. This may take a minute or two especially when there is a lot of structures and buildings in that particular area. One by one the buildings are being downloaded.
  • Change your camera angle. Do this to have a clearer view of the city that you would like to see. To do this, press the shift key while dragging the mouse down or pushing the ‘down’ button. Explore other angle and direction by rotating the mouse and directing it to that angle. Press the appropriate buttons while the shift key is being pressed.
  • Try visiting the Google 3D warehouse. Thousands of 3D models have been uploaded by people for viewing purposes to be used in Google Earth. To view these numerous 3D images, click on the 3D Warehouse network link. The 3D Warehouse is a feature of theGoogle Earth. It has to be downloaded for the program. Before using the 3D Warehouse, check first if it is checked in the places panel. However, be warned that not all models that you can find on 3D Warehouse are accurate and appropriate. Some did not even pass the criteria of Google Earth and some are just plain duplicates of previously made 3D structures. There are even fantasy models that are made to entertain people.

Thanks to the technological advancement of the Google graphics, we are provided by a clearer and more realistic view of the biggest cities in the world. From Tokyo to Chicago, ordinary Internet users can be introduced and can experience a visual traveling treat better than before.

How To Make WMV Files Play on a Blackberry.

When you try to play a Windows Media Video (WMV) file on your Blackberry, you might think that your smart phone can’t play it. But this is not the case. As painstakingly engineered, designed, and built as a smart phone, your Blackberry can definitely handle simple processes such as playing WMV files, although it requires some tweaking. What you have to do is to simply convert your WMV files to BlackBerry-compatible format. Read on and learn the tricks on how to convert WMV files to BlackBerry video or audio.

  • Download video converter. As various video or audio formats have steadily increased in number in the past decade, the need for video or audio converter software has become more apparent. Because of this, video or audio converters have popped up all over the place. However, not all such converters can covert various video and audio files to BlackBerry readable formats. Read the user manual of the converter first before you download it. If you do not want to go through the trouble of reading user manuals, then just download either iOrgSoft BlackBerry Video Converter or iMacsoft BlackBerry Video converter, both of which can do the job with just a few clicks of your mouse. When downloading your converter, just remember to ensure that it supports the model of your BlackBerry. After you’ve finished downloading your converter, install it on your computer.
  • Convert! The first thing that you have to do is to import the WMV file on your computer. Open the converter software that you have. At this point, it is important to note that the next steps may vary from one converter to another. Read your user manual for further reference. Choose the file that you want to convert. If you are using iOrgSoft BlackBerryVideo Converter, click the “+” button and choose any video clip that you want to convert. If you are using iMacsoft BlackBerry Video Converter, click the “add” button from the “file” tab or simply click the DVD icon and choose the file from the dialog box. Then, if you are using iOrgSoft BlackBerry Video Converter, the next step is to convert the file by pressing the “convert” button. You’re done. But if you are using iMacsoft BlackBerry Video Converter, your next step is to select the output format that you desire. Do this by choosing any of the formats on the “profile” drag and select box. After this step, type in the name of your output folder in the destination box. Then, click “ok”. Now, convert the selected file by simply clicking the “convert” button on the main interface.
  • Import the file to your BlackBerry. Of course, the converted file must be imported to your BlackBerry before you can play it. Connect your BlackBerry to your computer via a data cable. Select the converted file, and drag and drop it to your BlackBerry folder. Disconnect your phone from your computer after saving the file. Select the file and try to play it on your phone. If it plays, you’re done. If not, just follow the above-mentioned instructions properly.

There you have it. You can now get WMV files to play on your BlackBerry.

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