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Ellen’s Dance Dare Finalist – Adam Saleh

The man that tops the list of Ellen’s Dance Dare competition is TrueStoryASA aka Adam Saleh from New York City. In just one month Adam’s Dance Dare video has been seen over four million times. There is absolutely no way we could get away dancing behind someone like Adam can. Watch Adam’s full 3 minute Dance Dare video below. The winner of Ellen’s Dance Dare Competition will win a trip to Ellen’s show.

Living in New York City: Expectations Vs Reality

Most people who want to move to NYC have this big impression that life here is filled with plenty of opportunities, glamour, and celebrities who are just dying to hang out with you in night clubs. While some of this can be true, most of the time, your expectations are nothing like the reality of actual city life. This hilarious visualization taken from Buzzfeed features a collection of expectations vs reality. From your future apartment to your career, hit the thumbs to check out this humorous look at the real NYC.